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Essentials Program

The Exoplanet Basic Program for Chromebook Users


Designed for use in Highschool Classrooms from Grade 9 -12. Your students will analyze real exoplanet transit data collected by the Royal Astronomical Society’s Robotic Telescope! This customizable astronomy program is designed for in-person and remote classrooms.

No astronomical data analysis or exoplanet experience required!

We provide you will all the resources you will need to introduce the topic of exoplanets to your students, analyze the data as a class, and graphing an exoplanet transit in Google Sheets using pre-calibrated data. Choose up to five different exoplanet datasets for your class to analyze.

Apply now to give your students a hands-on lab-based learning experience with real astronomical data!


Essentials Program

Curriculum Links

  • Use the scientific method to explore and learn about an exoplanet
  • Analyze and interpret real astronomical data
  • Discover the different methods and technologies used to collect and analyze astronomical data to discover exoplanet systems (i.e. observation techniques, telescopes, and technologies used)
  • Learn about why we search for and study exoplanets
  • Learn more about Canadian contributions to exoplanet research and careers in astronomy
  • Find curriculum connections specific to your provincial curriculum here!

Resource List

  1. Introducing Exoplanets Presentation Slides
  2. Project Introduction Presentation Slides
  3. Teacher Package:
    • Sample Class Schedule
    • Walkthrough of each project stage
    • Presentation Notes
    • Software Download Links
    • Pre-Calibrated Exoplanet Data 
    • Written & Video Tutorials
    • Resource Links & More
  4. Student Package:
    • Fillable PDF Lab Report
    • Written Analysis Instructions
    • Data Hypothesis Sheets and Star Finder Charts