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Astrophotography Basic Program

Pre-Calibrated astrophotography data to make your own


Designed for use in Highschool Classrooms from Grade 9 -12. Your students will astrophotography data collected by the Royal Astronomical Society’s Robotic Telescope! This customizable astronomy program is designed for in-person and remote classrooms.

No astronomical data analysis or astrophotography experience required!

We provide you will all the resources you will need to introduce the basics astrophotography data collection and processing to your students. They will be guided through processing and editing the data in the photo editing software GIMP. Choose from multiple different deep sky objects data sets with taken with different filters and exposure times. Students will also have a chance to explore different area of astrophotography further with a set of guiding questions an additional data provided. 

You can also sign your class up for a virtual field trip to watch the data collection process live (via Zoom)!*

Apply now to give your students a hands-on learning experience with real astronomical data!

*Note: data collection happens on in the Wednesday evenings Pacific time (9-11pm ET), is weather dependent, and subject to timeslot availability

Curriculum Links

  • Engage real astronomical data collection and processing
  • Analyze and interpret real astronomical data
  • Discover the different methods and technologies used to collect and analyze astronomical data to image deep-sky objects (i.e. observation techniques, telescopes, and technologies used)
  • Explore interdisciplinary ties, including chemistry, physics, art, and math
  • Find curriculum connections specific to your provincial curriculum here!

Resource List

  1. The Basics of Astrophotography Presentation Slides
  2. Imaging the Night Sky – Project Introduction Presentation Slides
  3. Teacher Package:
    • Sample Class Schedule
    • Walkthrough of each project stage
    • Presentation Notes
    • Resource Links & More
  4. Student Package:
    • Written & Video Tutorials¬†
    • Fillable PDF Lab Report
    • Pre-calibrated Astrophotography Data
    • Software Download Links & More
    • “Choose Your Own Adventure” Further Exploration Guiding Questions
  5. Access to Student & Teacher Forums