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Advanced Astrophotography Program

Choose your own deep sky object to image

(Currently only available to Canadian Classrooms)


Your student(s) get to choose the deep sky object they want to image, watch as the telescope is programmed, and gather data unique to them (no one else in the world has it; it is yours and yours alone). They then get to process the data to create their own original astrophoto!

¬†The entire data collection process is online and shown through Zoom, and students can use their own laptops to process the data. This program can be done both in-person and online. We encourage students to propose their own ideas and questions to explore, so we can adapt this program to fit your group’s needs!

This program is an intensive program, and is aimed at students completing independent studies, Extended Essays, end-of-year projects or science fair projects. The program is also available to clubs and advanced classes with students working in small groups.


Astrophotography Advanced Program About


  • Engage real astronomical data collection and processing
  • Develop critical thinking, self-management and research skills
  • Participate in and engage with the scientific process
  • Develop communication skills with the opportunity to be published
  • Explore interdisciplinary ties, including chemistry, physics, art, and math
  • Find curriculum connections specific to your provincial curriculum here!

Resource List

  • Data acquisition form, to be filled out in preparation for imaging
  • Project walk-through with step-by-step instructions and tutorials
  • Prepared presentations with speaker notes to introduce astrophotography and the project
  • Individual time with staff members to advise your students
  • Practice astrophotography datasets¬†
  • Access to Student and Teacher Forums