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The Astrophotography Program


Receive a free digital copy of Skynews Magazine Photo of the Year 2022 edition for your students when you register in the first 4 months!


Introducing our Newest Robotic Telescope for Classrooms Program!

Individuals often take for granted how incredible photos of our universe come to be. Most people do not know that each astrophoto consists of many hours of data collection and post-processing. Astrophotography is the intersection of scientific data collection and art, requiring an understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, data collection, image processing, and more. 

In this program, students can learn from actual data taken by our robotic telescope, including watching as the data is collected live. They will learn how astrophotography data is collected and processed; by the end of the program, students will have an astrophoto of a deep sky object processed by themselves. 

Involve your students in the scientific process and show them how ground-based and space telescopes such as Hubble and James Webb produce incredible images of our universe! Join in our forums to allow your students to discuss and solve problems with their teammates and students from other schools.

Both basic and advanced programs can be done entirely virtually or in person. Each program also includes a set of further exploration guiding questions or the option for students to create their own to investigate various areas of astrophotography and data collection. 

Note: The software (AstroImageJ & GIMP) used in both programs is NOT compatible with Chrome OS. See our Technical Requirements Page for more details.  

Get your data pre-calibrated.

Choose from one of our already-imaged deep-sky object and receive data taken by our robotic telescope. The data will already be calibrated, removing a step in the process for your students. Your students will learn how to post-process the image while learning about how we use telescopes to light and use the data learn to learn more about our universe. They will also have the chance to sit in on a live session with our robotic telescope, as we explore the night sky and prepare a night of data acquisition.

This program is ideal for high school classes and large groups.

Do it all yourself.

Currently only available to Canadian Classrooms

Learn how astrophotographers choose targets to image, and choose one for yourself. Fill out a data acquisition form, and watch live as your run is entered into the telescope. Following the run, we will send you your data and calibration files, so you can prepare the data for analysis yourself. Finally, you can process the data and create your very own astrophoto. This program also has the option for students to propose their own research questions and collect data accordingly (with consultation from our Robotic Telescope for Classroom’s advisor).

This program is ideal for individual or small groups of students with a teacher supervisor, e.g. personal projects, extended essays, end-of-year projects, or clubs.